1963 /1970

The individual enterprise Gerardo Lattore was born in 1963, after 12 years of experience of the homonymous founder working in other workshops. Lattore began with a small manufacturing lab in via Giacinto Collegno, in the study of Architect Carrera, but soon manages to stand out among other professionals in his field, thanks to his ability to face a great request, ranging from curtains to upholstery. Within just two years, the company rises from one employee to five, and it earns significant collaborations with expert professionals and prestigious architects.

Thanks to the encounter with interior designer Elvira Margara Rosso Chioso and with the then-director of Lorenzo Rubelli, Gerardo Lattore works right from its first years of life with important design projects.



1970 is the year of the first big change. Gerardo Lattore moves to the Cit Turin area, which will become the stable location for the enterprise. To widen the offer and having obtained a commercial licence, a show room gets added to the lab, displaying more and more Italian and international brands, growing in prestige as the years go by. From then on, the enterprise was renamed Lattore Ambientazioni.



Gerardo Lattore becomes owner of the walls where the lab is located, and he decides to expand, separating the lab from the show room. The lab is moved into a separate and adjacent room. The show room becomes a fundamental art of the enterprise. At this time, moreover, some of the current staff of the company begins to join.



Between 1990 and 2000, Lattore Ambientazioni particularly aims for creativity and design potential of the show room. It is the period in which the interpretation of the fabrics is fully developed. Clients are offered a consultancy that allows a global perspective on home environments, advising on the products and services that would satisfy any request. With the addition of his daughter Elena, recently, the enterprise begins numerous real collaborations with design offices and the company takes part in more fairs and events in the field.



In more than 50 years of work, Lattore Ambientazioni has stood out in the interior design field for its ability to interpret and enhance the value of fabric. The manufacturing tradition that distinguishes Lattore Ambientazioni and a vast range of fabrics to admire and choose in a cosy environment are the added values that the enterprise offers to decorate interiors.

The Lattore staff, who have been working for the company for twenty years, is now led by Elena and they produce every single piece by hand. They are experts in manufacturing, creating products designed specifically according to each client’s requests. Moreover, Lattore Ambientazioni can count on the collaboration with expert manufacturers chosen ad hoc for certain projects, without ever lowering their quality standards or lengthening their short delivery times. On top of the traditional manufactory, the enterprise has experience and knowledge in creating design products.
In the quietness of the atelier, the expert staff helps clients choose among a wide range of fabrics = from a classical damask, to technical fabrics, to printed ones, linen, velvets and cottons, leathers and imitation leathers. The range offered by Lattore can fulfil any type of requests and interpret fabrics in every form without ever losing sight of the product and the sense of “beautiful”. The variety of samples displayed in the showroom, selected among the best production companies in Italy and abroad, gives the enterprise a market capacity that ranks high in the field.