This is what heaven is like. It is watching hell sat in an armchair.
Cit. Ascanio Celestini


Disarray appears to dominate: old chair, worn-out arm-chairs, frames of modern sofas stored near in-style one, piles of horsehair, bags of feathers, sheets of expandable, rolls of belts and springs.

Two easels and a dashboard: the true desk of the upholsterer; the microcosm of creativity.

Belt after belt, nail after nail, the frame disappears and the fabric turns into an object.

Armchairs, sofas, chairs, pouffes – they are all made either with the traditional raw technique that uses nails, belts and natural materials, like with animal or vegetal hair, apt for work on more aged products. Or though modern methods using latex and last-generation expandable. The uniqueness of each piece is guaranteed by the manufacturing. Specialists in the production of a wide range of products including bed-heads, dressed tables and sommiers.



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