It’s the function of the room and the atmosphere of the environment that dictate my first approach, then I start breaking the rules of what is expected.

Cit. Keith Irvine e Jason Bell

There are children that spend most of their childhood in public parks, I had my own private garden! Even better, a real entertainment park for myself in which I could become a princess decoration her own castle, the indian that could build her own tepee, the designer who could create “thing” using a thousand different fabrics. My private park had a name too: Labo! After school and homework, the only thing I wanted to say was “I’m going to the Labo”. The upholstery lab owned by my parents, where I was allowed to use my creativity and ask all my questions, the famous Whys? Al children ask, to all the employees busy trying not to hammer or saw their own fingers while trying to answer me. I think this is where my passion for fabrics and furnishing began. Here is where I found my answer to the usual “What do you want to do when you grow up?” question. At the time, I obviously could not know I would have to write an article on what it means being an upholsterer, but the furnishing seed had already been planted inside me.
Nowadays, I run what has always been my family’s company, the Labo! Now the Labo is the atelier I have always dreamt of, with thousands of samples of fabrics, leathers and wallpapers. Today, I have my own table to design. Today I get to discuss sofas, armchairs and beds with those upholsterers that fourty-two years ago used to see my dad explain a job to do with a 4-months old baby in his arms. Today, I no longer swing between the tailors’ tables, but I discuss the making of curtains, cushions and bed-spreads with them. Today I no longer furnish an imaginary castle, but I enter people’s homes to try and make them cosier, and dress their environments at best.



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